Press Release : June 26, 2019.

Businesses can now Catch Customers?

A new augmented reality (AR) marketing solution launching this July allows businesses to create virtual gift cards and target real locations using augmented reality. The catch? Well businesses gotta give away free stuff. Businesses create virtual gift cards and give to players in the game. The catch? Haha, well players need to earn them.

The mobile game has a unique fitness aspect to it.

Players must earn activity points to collect gifts in the game by walking, running, biking, skiing, etc. The application just syncs with your smartphone pedometer to track distance. The app also has a unique charity component that produces micro-donations from the rewards redeemed by players at these partnered companies. To learn more check out

The Run for Stuff company is needing gift cards from online and local businesses interested in using this new generation marketing solution as they approach their North American launch this summer. The company is looking for online and local brands that want to try something different for getting customers to their virtual or physical door.

Oh, and forgot to mention.

It's Free!

Yes, it is free to use, just pay a % of what the gift card is worth when customers actually use their gift cards at your store. Pretty sweet deal.

Sign your business up today! Go to

- The app was created initially by university students at Macewan University in Edmonton.

- The company has not raised any money from outside investors yet.

- The idea of the app came when the CEO was on a run with his ex-girlfriend and she said: “wouldn’t that be sweet if we ran to Booster Juice and we got a free one?”

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