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How it works: Step 1

1. Choose a Charity

Run for Stuff uniquely gives your brand a charitable component with Charity Rewards. When a user redeems a gift card from your business 10% gets donated towards your selected charity in the form of micro-donations.

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How it works: Step 2

2. Create a Gift Card

Save money and reduce waste. Run for Stuff allows you
to create virtual gift cards that can be customized to whatever you want, whether you are a local or online business!

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3. Place your gift cards

Choose a gift card you created to drop for players to collect in the game. Drop an unlimited amount of gift cards for free for players to randomly collect.

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4. Create a timer

Turn gifts to gold and get customers running to your store with guaranteed rewards. Place virtual timers on your gift cards and pick specific locations for players to go collect.

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5. Redeeming

To verify a gift card that has been collected by a player, simply redeem it on the app. Gift cards get stored in players wallet and can be redeemed by clicking redeem and confirming. To make sure cards are not re-used a timer is initiated that deletes the card from the players wallet once this action has been confirmed.

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