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Bring the virtual to real-life with an augmented reality marketing solution for your online or local business.

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bring the virtual to reality

Target real-life locations with your giveaway offers

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Turn your advertising into a game!

Only by partnering with us can you take advantage of our player network. Promote your brand at thousands of locations for new potential customers to discover in an AR experience.

Nearby Notifcations

Notify nearby users within a 50 meter radius of your Gift Stop or a 1km radius of timer-set gold Gift Stops.

Donate to Charities

For every gift card redeemed at your business, 10% of the gift card value is donated to a charity you get to sponsor.

Guarantee customers

Pay when you get customer and not to just reach them.

Create and give
virtual gift cards

Get rid of print coupons and move to virtual! Target
thousands of players in unique locations and convert
to new customers with your virtual coupons.

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I love the idea. It solves a lot of problems for marketing my business.


Business Owner of Dirtbag Cafe'

Run for Stuff is genius. It promotes good things and I can actually see a return on my investment with no risk.


Tyler Merchant operator at Supplement King, Edmonton.

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