Turn marketing into a game for customers and you.

Customers collect virtual gift cards or discounts to your business by going to real life locations to win!

No monthly fees!

Grow your business with Run for Stuff

Step 1:

Sign up and create your first gift card template.

Step 2:

Once your submitted gift cards are approved, create a new campaign and target where you want to get your customers.

Step 3:

Instructions on the back of your gift cards will let users know how to redeem in store or online.

Create your first gift card in minutes

Create your first gift card in just minutes by uploading your image, entering details, expiry timer, and more.

Free analytics

Get analytics of how well your gifts perform. Such as, how many customers redeemed, collected, and expired.

Grow your business for

Run for Stuff uses brand new technology with Mapbox and ARKit to place gift cards you create to our user base at millions of points of interest across North America.

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